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 +====== L3DT algorithm information ======
 +These pages are intended to provide technical information on L3DT algorithms. The discussions are somewhat brief, generally without sample code, but links are provided to useful resources where appropriate. If you do want the nitty-gritty details, e-mail me at [[mailto:aaron@bundysoft.com|aaron@bundysoft.com]] or [[http://www.bundysoft.com/phpBB2/|ask in the forum]].
 +  * [[l3dt:algorithms:dm|Design map algorithms]]
 +  * [[l3dt:algorithms:hf|Heightfield algorithms]]
 +  * [[l3dt:algorithms:wm|Water mapping]]
 +  * [[l3dt:algorithms:cli|Climates, land types and materials]]
 +  * [[l3dt:algorithms:lm|Light mapping]]
 +  * [[l3dt:algorithms:tx|Texture mapping]]
 +  * [[l3dt:algorithms:splatting|Texture splatting]]
 +  * [[l3dt:algorithms:masks|Mask generators]]
 +  * [[l3dt:algorithms:mosaics|Mosaic maps and dynamic caching]]
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