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Making volcanos

The volcano overlay used in the design/inflate algorithm is made by adding cones of specific radii and heights such that their sum approximates the shape of a volcano:

Profile of component peaks of a volcano and the resultant summation.
(note vertical and horizontal scaling are arbitrary)

In the above example, the first 4 peaks build up the volcano base, the 5th flattens-out the volcano top, the 6th carves out the caldera, and the 7th peak creates a flat volcano floor. It ain't fancy, but it works…well, sort of:

Screenshot from L3DT Viewer, showing a large volcano.

At the moment you can only choose between two different volcano sizes; small or large. These options select between some hard-coded radii and height presets (base radius, rim radius, inner floor radius, rim height, inner floor height).

You may also create custom volcanos with different radii/heights. For a guide on how to do this, please consult the how to make a custom volcano tutorial.

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