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Application settings file (XML)

The L3DT application settings files (.ini.xml) is an XML-based file (using L3DT's XML format spec) used to store and recall settings and preferences. These settings can, in general, be edited from the settings menu, so there shouldn't be a need to tinker with these files directly.

This format largely replaces the obsolete '.ini' format(s) previously used.

List of .INI.XML files

  • local.ini.xml – Some user-specific information and preferences.
  • paths.ini.xml – File paths, to things such as the texture directory, help files, VTP enviro, etc.
  • formats.ini.xml – User preferences for file formats.
  • windows.ini.xml – Display settings, such as window sizes, fonts, etc.
  • presets.ini.xml – User-defined presets, as used in the wizard presets bar.
  • climates.ini.xml – Index of climate files used by L3DT (in '[resource path]\climates').

Example file

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