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L3DT Showcase Gallery - 2007

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August : L3DT for Spring

Making metal patches for Spring textures.
An L3DT map in Spring.
Another L3DT map in Spring.

March : Making roads

Using the Bulldozer tool in Sapphire to create roads.
Using of the attributes map brush to paint roadway textures.

March : River flooding tests

Images of non-flat rivers generated by the atRainMaker plugin.

www.bundysoft.com_coppermine_albums_userpics_thumb_water_test.jpg www.bundysoft.com_coppermine_albums_userpics_thumb_water_test4_l3dtvi2.jpg

January : Erosion revisited (v2.5)

Channelling erosion in the upcoming version 2.5 has been revised, and now provides a better and faster approximation to stream-based erosion.

www.bundysoft.com_l3dt_gallery_r25_09jan07_new_erosion_thumb.jpg www.bundysoft.com_l3dt_gallery_r25_09jan07_new_erosion2_thumb.jpg www.bundysoft.com_l3dt_gallery_r25_09jan07_new_erosion3_thumb.jpg
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