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Large 3D terrain generator

L3DT release v11.11

Released on the 30th of November, 2011 (see announcement)

Major features

Memory management

  • Implemented adaptive mosaic cache size, to allow app to consume more RAM.
    • Provides 3x speed improvement for mosaic water table flooding.
  • Marked support for large addresses, allowing up to 3.5GB of ram to be used.


  • Optimised LinInterp for RGB textures (80% speed improvement for high res TX generation without antialiasing).
  • Optimised LinInterp for normal maps (20% speed improvement for TN generation).
  • Dropped automatic saving of mosaics between calculations; was slow an unnecessary.
  • Multithread AM calculation (4x faster than L3DT 11.08 on quad core; figure includes cache optimisations).

Mesh decimator

  • Fix seam problem in texture tile edges from mesh exporter (was adding two extra rows/columns of data, instead of one).
  • Fixed unoptimised north/east edges of mesh exports in atMeshDecimator (see announcement.)


Other changes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed core count calculation in L3DT startup to ensure thread count is equal to or less than the core count.
  • Added 'View.HalftoneFlag' to local settings, to allow users to disable halftone blending when drivers are bung.
  • Changed global app memory accounting to use a lock to prevent race conditions in multithreaded calcs.
  • Fixed atAttribBrush tool to gracefully handle invalid climates (see bug report.)
  • Fixed view to properly cancel brush mode and close edit records after brush tool application fails.
  • Fixed atViewShowMapDlg plugin to properly create the window.

User interface

  • Added 3D anaglyph rendering to Azurite mesh viewer.
  • Added radius spin control to attributes map brush.


  • Updated L3DTio_BigBitmap to log more descriptive errors when attempting to load compressed bitmaps.
  • Added ZlibWrap plugin, for zlib compression/decompression.


  • Update to NSIS 2.46, with fixes for UAC annoyances.
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