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Large 3D terrain generator

L3DT release 2.3

Released on the 28th of June, 2005 (see announcement)


  • New features
  • User interface
    • Added multi-purpose 'Wizard' dialog engine, including:
      • Open, Import HF, Import DM.
      • Gen design map and design map parameters.
      • Gen fractal map.
      • Gen perlin map.
      • Water table parameters.
      • Gen light map and light absorption.
      • Gen texture map.
    • Added 'stage list' view to the progress bar window.
    • Added 'mosaic tile' line overlay in view.
    • Slightly increased the size of hitherto microscopic slider bars in dialogs for design map pixel edit and pencil tool.
    • Made salinity map display logarithmic.
  • Algorithm tweaks and optimisations
    • Tweaked design-map generation, fluvial erosion settings, terracing settings, and peak overlay settings.
    • Increased speed of water-table flooding algorithm using tolerance settings, and increased quality by better raster-order optimisations.
  • File I/O
    • Added import design map option.
    • Enabled export of water map as HFF, TER, BT, HTF, BMP.
    • Simplified 'File preferences' dialog, using a tree-view to replace tabs and combo box.
    • Can now edit file paths for L3DT data, VTP Enviro.
    • Improved 'Export to Enviro' feature (including no-texture option).
    • Changed the format of the map group file (.mgf), excising all settings into separate definition file (.def).
    • Mosaic scales are unified automatically on save.
  • Extended mosaic map support for:
    • Set horiz scale.
    • Set vert scale + histogram.
    • Compile texture list.
  • Bug-fixes
    • Fixed mosaic water-flooding bugIt only took two years!
    • Fixed bug in MGF-loader that caused it to fail for map group names with spaces.
    • Increased thread-safety by disabling load/save options when calculations are under way.
    • Fixed CPU throttle behaviour.
    • Fixed some bugs in the display.
  • Structural changes
    • Increased default mosaic cache size.
    • Added scripting engine foundations (parsing, declarations and assignments).
    • Most major user-interface commands are now performed via internal scripting.
    • Completed VarFactory type handling routines.
    • Changed type identifier in CVar from string to UINT.
    • Moved group settings into CVarList class.
  • L3DTVi2
    • Added a water texture.
    • Added a rotate skybox option.
    • Re-built L3DTVi2 to handle mosaic maps.
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