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Large 3D terrain generator

L3DT release 2.3b

Released on the 6th of November, 2005 (see announcement)


  • Algorithms
  • File I/O
    • Added new export wizard that allows maps to be resized, exported as mosaics, etc.
    • Added native support for TER files in mosaic heightfields, plus the option to export as bitmap and jpeg.
    • Added a 16-bit PNG import/export for height maps (including mosaic export).
    • PNG support in alpha-map generation (8bit, 24bit and 32bit).
    • Deprecated old LMF and TNF formats (replaced by bmp, jpg, png).
    • Enabled internal tiling in HFF.
    • Added the HTML map summary.
  • User interface
    • Reorganised the right-click pop-up menu, added operations sub-menu.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed whitespace handling in climate file loader.
    • Added additional thread-collision prevention in progress map display (caused a cascade of GetPixel errors for two users).
    • Fixed PeakPass behaviour for maps with very large HorizScale settings.
    • Fixed some bugs in the Export to Enviro feature.
    • Fixed selection of directories in the file paths dialog.
    • Fixed bug in water-table flooding for odd-sized maps.
    • Fixed strange 'fringe' problem with volcano overlays.
  • Structural
    • Implemented keyfile system, with some features restricted to registered versions.
    • Changed pixel index variables to 64-bit.
    • Increased the size-limit of RAM-only heightmaps to 8192 × 8192 pixels (64 Mpxls).
    • Increased the size-limit for mosaic heightmaps to 128k × 128k pixels (16 Gpxls).
    • Increased the size limit for mosaic textures to 2M × 2M pixels (4 Tpxls).
  • Climates
    • Revised some water coefficients in the 'Temperate' climate to lower occurrences of mudslide-like features.
    • Added a modified temperate climate for very small-scale maps (eg HorizScale of 25cm) to better manage the water-table dependence.
  • Eye candy
    • Animated transitions between wizard panes.
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