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Large 3D terrain generator

L3DT release 2.3c

Released on the 10th of January, 2006 (see announcement)


  • Professional edition
    • Improved high-resolution textures (per-pixel land types).
    • Increased max texture resolution to 32×.
    • Implemented high-resolution light-mapping (up to 32×, as with texture-mapping).
    • Increased max texture/light map size to 4M × 4M pixels (16 Tpxls).
    • Implemented limited-life 'evaluation' license keys.
  • All editions
    • Bump-mapped light-mapping.
    • Many fixes, as included in L3DT 2.3b beta-series.
    • De-tuned overzealous copy-protection in L3DT Pro to prevent crash-on-startup.
    • Fixed 'Invalid pixel error' when making odd-sized maps.
    • Fixed 'Invalid pixel error' when deleting water body.
    • Fixed 'most-recently-used' list in file menu.
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