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Large 3D terrain generator

L3DT release 2.3d

Released on the 27th of January, 2006 (see announcement)


  • New features
    • Heightfield preview option.
    • Option to duplicate tile borders (one way to fix mosaic texture seams).
    • Expanded 'compile texture list' feature to include names for land types and climates.
  • File formats
    • Support for PNG as a native format for attributes map (inc. mosaics).
    • Heightfield export to RAW as 8-bit, 16-bit (signed or unsigned), or 32-bit (float), including mosaics!
    • Upgraded mosaic HFF-writer to full HFF 1.0 standard (inc. data size, float flag, tile size).
  • Bug-fixes
    • Improved stability of activation-key system on <2GHz computers.
    • Fixed light-mapping bug for maps larger than 8192×8192.
    • Fixed behaviour of file preferences dialog when accessed from export wizard (settings were not applied).
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