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L3DT release 2.4b

Released on the 18th of October, 2006 (see announcement)



  • High-res attributes map.
  • High-res normals maps, with pre-baked bump-maps.

User interface

  • Added export button to toolbar.
  • Added link to users' forum in help menu.
  • Improved the speed of the 2D-rendering code.
  • Improved the image overlay rendering speed.
  • Replace mouse centre mode with drag/pan mode.
  • Added warning to light mapping wizard to prevent bump-mapping on both TN and LM.
  • Added warning to texture wizard when light map doesn't exist.
  • Added warning to light mapping wizard when water map doesn't exist (re: water effects).
  • Added warning to light mapping wizard whe attributes map doesn't exist (re: bump mapping).
  • Added warning to normal mapping wizard whe attributes map doesn't exist (re: bump mapping).
  • Left-align text in open wizards (inc. import).
  • Made 'apply to all' in DM pencil work with selected area.
  • Removed 'apply to all' from edit DM pixel box, which duplicates option in DM pencil.


  • Enabled file load/save via plugins (inc. mosaics)
  • Build plugins for:
    • HFF.
    • DMF.
    • HTF.
    • X.
    • PGM.
    • BMP/JPEG/PNG (via FreeImage).
  • Added extension manager.


  • Reduced RAM usage during water map flooding by making aux water map always a mosaic (saves up to 8 bytes / map pixel).
  • Reduced HDD usage by writing temp maps to a shared temp folder.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the mouse-drag bug.
  • Fixed region refresh after manual flood.
  • Fixed bug in non-erosion design/inflate routune (produced 2x larger heghtfield).
  • Fixed bug in automation wizard for generating blank design maps.
  • Fixed clearing of display when map is closed.
  • Fixed initialisation of walkthrough for new users of L3DT Pro.
  • Fixed mysterious un-checking of items in the automation wizard (no items selected by default).
  • Fixed calc wizard options when importing HF from file.
  • Fixed climate handling in AM wizard (as reported here.)
  • Make combo boxes in DM pencil drop-lists.
  • Fixed crash on import HF.
  • Made climate editor assume path and extension when not given by user.
  • Fixed behaviour of renderer on large buffer sizes.
  • Prevent crash when no climates are present.
  • Fixed file overlay.
  • Fixed alpha map generation when climates / attributes map are changed.
  • Fixed AM DoneFlag in calc wizard.
  • Fixed duplicate panes in calc wizard (when options are selected & de-selected out of order).
  • Fixed 'dou…' typo in some wizard warnings.
  • Added startup warning when plugins are disabled.
  • Ensure file format 'active' flags aren't changed on DM/HF import.
  • Fixed AM coordinate bounds for non-square mosaics.
  • Set horiz scale for alpha maps.
  • Allowed AM/HF < TX/HF in texture gen (using GenMapPro).
  • Catch OnOK/OnCancel in CommonCtrl_dlg when a child window.
  • Fixed enable/disable of climate combo in AM wizard for imported DM projects.
  • Fixed selection of climate in DM edit pixel (wrong index).
  • Made rand offset different for different temperate climates.
  • Fixed handling of global mosaic scales in load routine.
  • Added hack for map types in mosaics, for legacy L3DTVi2 support (in 'local.file.legacy.mosaictypehack').
  • Made HF scale validation nicer in DM size wizard.
  • Fixed handling of mosaic scales in HFF plugin when a tile was legitimately empty (happened with delta map).
  • Fixed detection of application path (checks cmdline, then cwd).
  • Fixed command-line parsing (loading projects, loading mosaics, import heightfields, or running batches, depending on file exension).
  • Re-enable texture/light map export.
  • Expanded the error message when running a batch file from the command line in Standard (it said “sorry” in previous versions.)
  • Made format list in alpha maps export work with all formats in list (so as to support Atlas when ready).



  • Expanded event logging in log.txt file.
  • Added uninstaller link in Windows Add/Remove programs.
  • Added option in installer to associate L3DT with PROJ, MMF, HFF, BT and TER files.
  • Disabled main window menus until activation is OK and plugins are loaded.
  • Determine application session ID.
  • Add restart function.
  • Improvements to the activation system, including server authentication option for GarageGames.

Special thanks

I would like to thank the following users for their dilligent bug finding and reporting, and for having patience with me while I fixed those bugs (and occasionally made new ones):

Without their help this version would be a steaming pile of … ahh … malfunctioning code. Many thanks!

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