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L3DT release 2.4 beta3

Released on the 1st of June, 2006 (see announcement)


  • Debugging
    • Fixed 'Ops→DM→Mod params' and 'Ops→DM→Gen from HF'.
    • Fixed RAW import.
    • Fixed HF import from JPEG.
    • Fixed per-pixel reproducibility of TX_GenMapPro.
    • Fixed 'Next »' toolbar-button for WM flooding, when HF has been re-calculated.
    • Fixed shadow-casting on gigapixel light-maps.
    • Fixed per-pixel tex routine on multi-climate maps.
    • Fixed spurious error report when saving empty WM with no WBL.
    • Fixed 'Active map→split to mosaic' for heightfield.
    • Fixed missing JPEG and 'all files' filter in texture-selection file dialogs.
    • Called UnifyScale after 'Active map→duplicate tile borders' for heightfield.
  • Texturing & land types
    • Added strata.
    • Added purpose-built land type editor (somewhat crude).
    • Added colour modifiers for each land type texture.
    • Allowed arbitrary number of textures per land type.
    • Added calc combo to climate manager.
    • Add 'rand' to land type noise settings.
    • Made perlin freq. relative to HF pixel size.
    • Changed default texture directory so that climates are more portable.
    • Changed to cli.xml v2.1
    • Rebuilt climates:
      • Temperate
      • Arctic
      • Desert
  • Other
    • Added check-flag for 'ActiveMap→duplicate tile borders', and prevented users from doing it twice.
    • Re-tweaked mosaic erosion routine.
    • Added mosaic support for GLScene HTF format.
    • Added 18-month update limit to pro keys.
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