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L3DT release 2.5b

Released on the 7th of November, 2007 (see announcement)

Major changes

Complete Sapphire to replace L3DTVi2

  • Added mosaic mip-mapped texture support to Sapphire, with LOD management (for megatextures)
  • Added bulldozer, perlin and smooth tools to Sapphire.
  • Removed L3DTVi2 from installation package.

Compressed heightfield files

  • Change default file format to new extensible compressed heightfield file (hfz).

Spring import/export plugin(s)

  • Created plugin to import/export SMT and SMF formats for Spring.

Parallel multithreading

  • Added multi-core support to normals, light map and texture map calculations.

Backup and restore points

  • Added 'backup active map' and 'restore to last backup' options to L3DT and Sapphire menus/toolbars (via L3DTio_Backup plugin.)

New climates

  • Tropical, Demo-grass-rock-sand — By Aaron.
  • Spring-Greenworld, Spring-Desertworld, Spring-Mars — By Forboding Angel.

Minor features

File I/O

  • Added 'File→Import→Custom map layer…' (see userguide).
  • Updated RUN batch processing to use new '.def.xml' map definition files.
  • Allowed heightfield mosaic import in import wizard.
  • Added greyscale→RGB, RGBA→RGB and RGB→RGBA conversion support for loading images in L3DTio_FI.
  • Added InvertY option and RGB support to L3DTio_PCX.
  • Add mosaic support for L3DTio_DDS, and include with installer.
  • Added gzip support to L3DTio_AMF, and set AMF.GZ to default AM format (it's smaller than PNG).
  • Dynamically generate format list in import wizard dialog from the actual format list for the heightfield (was using hard-coded format list before).
  • Added Wavefront OBJ support with L3DTio_OBJ.
  • Added support for import of super-large single TER/BT/HF2/HFZ files, which are too large to fit in memory (auto-split to mosaic).

User interface

  • Revised the parameters pane of the land type editor.
  • Updated to the Windows XP UI theme.
  • Updated the status bar info to include BYTE/WORD/24-bit/DWORD maps.
  • Rebuilt 1/2/3/4/etc hotkeys for viewing maps in main window.
  • Allow re-binding of keys in Sapphire.
  • Add indexed palettes to byte map rendering ('view→indexed palette…').
  • Created modeless and auto-updating dialog box for map selection (see userguide).
  • Added 'RGBA alpha means opacity' flag in view (see here).
  • Revised alpha map settings wizard somewhat, and added a presets bar (as with most other wizards).

New plugins


  • Improved speed of texture generation by adding skip size to anti-aliasing.
  • Added support for global/shared plugins.
  • Added MinAltFlag & MaxAltFlag to climates, so that we don't have to use crazy values like 1E10 to indicate no alt range.
  • Now defaults to 2x mipmaps (was 4x) — needed for Sapphire megatextures.
  • Disable shadow multi-casting for far off-axial light directions (10deg threshold)
  • Converted all AM calc functions to use ushort arguments instead of shorts (affected L3DTio_FI and atFilterAM plugins).
  • Allowed plugins to be disabled without throwing message on load (use CrashFlag instead of EnableFlag for crash monitoring).
  • Store alpha maps in project map list.

Plugin API

Bug fixes

  • Now check map types when saving PROJ (if un-loaded, use default type)
  • Fixed squares in high-res attributes map (see forum thread).
  • Fixed auto-update of mipmaps in SetPixel.
  • Fixed CPU throttle on mipmap generation.
  • Fixed shadow-casting for axial light orientations.
  • Disabled some more menu options when calculations are in progress.
  • Fixed 'blank heightfield' option for mosaic maps.
  • Fixed tile max altitude bug in libHFZ and L3DTio_HFZ.
  • Remove non-existent projects from file list.
  • Fixed exception in water map rendering (with water table).
  • Changed reg usage to allow non-admin usage after activation (this is a fix for MS Vista).
  • Fix time estimate for light map calculation.
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