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L3DT release 2.5c

Released on the 22nd of March, 2008 (see announcement)

Major changes

New material / climate system

  • New material editor / manager interface, which should streamline climate development.
  • Automatically generated materials for 'old' climates, and converts to new climate format.
  • Added material dependency list in climate file, and attempt to auto-load missing materials (looks in resource dir and climate dir).
  • Added 'v26' climates to installer, using new materials.
  • Added 'edit', 'copy' and 'manager' buttons to the 'appearance' tab on the land type editor, for editing materials.
  • Enabled material 'preview' function in material editor.
  • See blog post for more info.

Spring support

L3DT for Torque

  • Finished unique and blended terrain support in L3DTio_Atlas2 plugin.
  • General improvements to the activation system, including auto-detecting proxy settings for Ignition.

Attributes map brush in Sapphire

  • Added attributes map brush to Sapphire, for making roads &c (via atAttribBrush plugin.
  • Added spraycan brush pattern, and 'auto calc' mode.
  • Built atCalc_AM_Image plugin, as required for runtime AM editing.
  • Updated Sapphire plugin to support AM brush mode, plus faster texture switching, script queuing, texture area updates, etc.
  • Updated L3DTio_Backup plugin to allow multi-map backups (AM and AM-image)
  • See blog post for more info.

Minor changes

User interface

  • Added an 'Update Manager' and dialog box.
  • Added 'multi-thread settings' dialog box.
  • Added brush tool for RGBA maps.
  • Added 'flat line' brush tool to Sapphire, as per user request.
  • Added 'change mosaic tile size' menu option.
  • Changed AM and TN wizards to use MFC rather than CommonUI (doesn't crash now).

New/improved plugins

Linux/Wine compatibility

  • Changed to late linkage to PDH.dll via ZeoPerfMon_NT plugin (PDH.dll isn't supported by WINE at time of writing).
  • Fixed “OnEndAlphaCombo error: - invalid iItem” message in alpha map wizard.
  • Fixed speed of alpha map layer rendering in alpha map wizard.

Plugin API


  • Add volcano overlay function (see this thread).
  • Store shadow map (“SH”) for later use.
  • Added 'recalc shadow map' flag to LM wizard.
  • Report DPI setting in the logfile.
  • Report system font family/height/width/weight in the logfile.
  • Rebuild progress map display for shadow map calculation, without time estimate.

Bug fixes

  • Major bugfix for multithreading with mosaic maps (added new thread lock to CMosaicMap to prevent concurrent read/write/allocate/close operations on tiles.)
  • Fixed pop-to-top behaviour of wthru guide.
  • Fixed settings inheritance of light map, terrain normals wizards.
  • Fixed CPU throttle on high-res shadow maps.
  • Fixed failure to re-render map in main window after blanking.
  • Fixed mosaic map export (see thread)
  • Fixed TN calc bug when using 10537×1153 HF, TN/HF of 2x or more, and mosaic of 512 (reported by Arttu, via e-mail).
  • Fix 'cannot create new material' bug in material manager (see this thread).


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