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Keyboard shortcuts

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Key What is it? Menu option
F1, CTRL + H Open help. 'Help→On-line help…'
F2, CTRL + N Make new project. 'File→New project'
F3, CTRL + O Open existing project. 'File→Open'
F4, CTRL + S Save project. 'File→Save'
CTRL + ALT + S Save project as new file. 'File→Save project as'
F5, CTRL + R Redraw main window. 'View→Refresh'
F6, CTRL + W Open calculation wizard. 'Operations→Calc. wizard'
F7, CTRL + E Export active map layer. 'File→Export→Active map layer'
CTRL + ALT + E Export selected area. 'File→Export→Selected area'
F8, CTRL + F Visit support forums. 'Help→Users' forum'
CTRL + C, CTRL + INS Copy. 'Edit→Copy'
CTRL + V, SHIFT + INS Paste. 'Edit→Paste'
CTRL + A Select all. 'Edit→Select all'
CTRL + D De-select area. 'Edit→De-select'
CTRL + B Run batch file. 'File→Run batch'
CTRL + Z Undo. 'Edit→Undo'
1…0 Show nth available map layer1). 'View→Show map layer…'
` Cycle to next available map. No menu option

Keys in Sapphire

For a list of key settings in Sapphire, please consult this page.

1) Usually, 1 = design map, 2 = heightfield, etc.
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