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The material manager

The Material manager window, shown below, is activated via the 'Resources→Materials→Material manager…' menu option.

Copy / Create

Create a new material, or create a copy of an existing material if a material is selected in the list. This option will open the material editor window, in which you may edit the new material's settings.


Load an existing material (.mat.xml) file from disk. Materials should be placed in the following directory or in subdirectories thereof:

WinXP C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\L3DT\Resources\[version]\Climates\
Vista C:\Users\[username]\L3DT\Resources\[version]\Climates\

Automatic loading of materials

On start-up, L3DT will automatically load any material files contained within the material resources directory given above.


Edit the selected material using the material editor window.


Remove the selected material from L3DT's material list. Note this does not delete the material file from the disk.


Move the selected material up or down in the list.

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