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 +====== Exporting the active map layer ======
 +You can export the active map layer (i.e. the layer displayed in the main window) using the '//File->Export->Active map layer...//' option in the menu, which opens the //export map// wizard, shown below:
 +{{ l3dt:userguide:wizards:export.png }}
 +The controls are as follows:
 +  * The //Split map into tiles// option allows you to chop the map up into a set of separate files (see discussion below).
 +  * The //File format// drop-down list lets you select the export file format.
 +  * The //Options// button allows you to edit [[l3dt:userguide:io:preferences#file options|format-specific options]] such as JPEG quality, HFF data type, etc.
 +  * You can either type the filename into the //File name// field or use the //Browse...// button.
 +  * The //Resize for export// option allows you to export the map at a different width and/or height. However, the water map and attributes map cannot be resized because they contain discrete data that cannot be interpolated.
 +===== Splitting the map into a mosaic =====
 +<note important>
 +This option is only available in [[http://www.bundysoft.com/L3DT/downloads/professional.php|L3DT Professional]].
 +When you select the //split map into tiles// option, the map will be saved in what is called a [[l3dt:algorithms:mosaics|mosaic map]]. In this case, the //export map// wizard expects you to enter the name of the [[l3dt:formats:specs:mmf|mosaic master file]] - and that's why the //File format// drop-down list only contains 'L3DT mosaic map' and the file extension in the //File name// field changes to '.mmf' (see below).
 +{{ l3dt:userguide:wizards:export_mosaic.png }}
 +You may also note that there is now a second page in the wizard (it says '1/2' at the right edge of the banner). The second page is the //mosaic map settings// wizard pane (shown below), which is where you set the mosaic file type and other settings. To open this pane, click on the //Next >>// button.
 +{{ l3dt:userguide:wizards:mosaic2.png }}
 +Here you can set the file format and tile size of the mosaic map.
 +If you're curious about the //map name// entry, this string normally helps L3DT decide in which map the mosaic should be loaded (see the [[l3dt:formats:specs:mmf#mosaicname|MMF file specification]]). Since this map is for export, you can set it to whatever you like. 
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