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File preferences

The map file formats window, shown below, allows the user to select different default file formats (eg. use bitmap instead of jpeg for the texture map), and also change options for specific file formats (eg. use float or short integer data in HFF).

This window is opened by selecting the 'File→Format preferences' option in the menu.

The 'Use format' and 'Make default' buttons

To change the file format of a map in the current project, select the file format from the tree-view at left and click on the Use format button. This action will only apply to the current project, and will not persist for subsequent project (use the make default button for that).

To permanently select a particular file format to use for a particular map, click on the Make default button. Whenever you create a new project, L3DT will default to using the file format you have specified. Note that this setting only applies to maps saved after this action (including subsequent projects), and does not affect maps that have already been saved in the current project (use the use format button for that).

Support ('native' versus 'import/export only')

If a file format is described as 'native', L3DT is capable of loading and saving this file format, and so it can be set as a default or active file format. Otherwise, L3DT can only import from - or export to - that format.

File options

Some file formats have configurable options, such as the quality setting in a JPEG image, or the data type in a raw data file. To edit these options, select the format from the tree-list in the file preferences dialog, and click on the 'Options…' button. This will open the 'Edit options for…' window for this format, as shown below.

In this window, double-click on the options to change their values.

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