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Map layers

The 'Layers' menu in L3DT, shown below, allows you to create, delete, import, export and otherwise modify the map layers within the current project.

The 'layers' menu.

The menu options are:

New map layer... Create a new custom map layer in the project.
Import layer... Import a map layer from a file.
Export layer... Export the active map layer to a file.
Reload layer… Reload the active map layer from the saved project.
Close layer… Close the active map layer and remove it from the project.
Edit layer Open the appropriate brush tool to edit the active map layer.
Resize... Resize the active map layer.
Crop... Crop the active map layer.
Rotate > Rotate the active map layer (clockwise or counter clockwise by 90 degrees).
Mirror > Mirror the active map layer in the X and/or Y axes.
Mosaic > Various mosaic options such as split, combine, etc.
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