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Multithreading (the old way)

Note: this page applies to L3DT Pro and earlier. Users of L3DT Pro or later should refer to this user-guide page instead.

Disabling multithreading

If you need to disable multithreading1), you may do so by downloading the text file below (DisableMT.patch.txt), and drag-and-dropping it onto the L3DT desktop icon.

Disable multithreading DisableMT.patch.txt

You need to restart L3DT for this patch to take effect.

Once you have disabled multithreading, L3DT will never automatically re-enable it, even if you uninstall and re-install. To manually re-enable multithreading, see the next section.

Enabling multithreading

To manually enable multithreading, download the text file below (EnableMT.patch.txt), and drag-and-drop it onto the L3DT desktop icon.

Enable multithreading EnableMT.patch.txt

You need to restart L3DT for this patch to take effect.

Things to note are:

  1. This script will have no effect on L3DT Standard, which does not support multithreading.
  2. Multithreading is enabled by default in L3DT Professional, so this script will only have an effect if you have previously manually disabled multithreading (see previous section).

Controlling the core utilisation

If multithreading is enabled (see above), L3DT will auto-detect the number of available cores on start-up, and will allocate one calculation thread per core. If you would like to change the number of cores used (e.g. limit to three cores on a quad-core system), open the 'Settings→Local settings' menu option, disable the 'Calc→ThreadManager→AutoDetectCoreCount' flag, and set the 'Calc→ThreadManager→MaxThreadCount' entry to the desired value.

The maximum number of cores currently supported by L3DT Professional is 8.

1) …for instance, when it's not working properly…
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