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 +====== Making a new 'blank heightmap' project ======
 +//Note: //This page follows-on from [[l3dt:userguide:newmap|making a new project]] page.
 +When making a blank heightfield, the only settings required are the dimensions of the map, the horizontal scale, and the mosaic settings (if used). These are entered using the //heightfield size// wizard, shown below:
 +{{ l3dt:userguide:wizards:hfsize.png }}
 +After you click 'OK', L3DT will initialise the blank heightfield with your given size, and automatically open the //Sapphire// 3D editor. For help with using the 3D editor, please refer to [[bundywiki>plugins:sapphire:userguide:hf_edit|this tutorial page]].
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