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Generating the attributes map

To calculate the attributes map, click on the 'Operations→Attributes map→Generate map' option in the menu. This operation will invalidate the texture map, and will only be greyed out if no heightfield is loaded. Note this should be done after the water has been flooded, as many land types in most climates are water-dependent (eg. beach-sand, lush grass).

To see a typical attributes map, go here.

The 'attributes map calc.' wizard

Users of L3DT Professional get an wizard window for controlling the attributes map calculation:


The controls are as follows:

Default climate

The default climate option sets the climate to be used when generating the attributes map for a project that does not include a design map. This applies to maps made using the perlin or fractal algorithms, or those imported from a file. If your project does include a design map, this option is disabled, as you can set the climate using the design map brush (and numerous other interfaces).

Make high-res attributes map

The make high-res attributes map option allows you to generate the attributes map at a higher resolution than the heightfield. The desired ratio of the attributes map to the heightfield size is given by the AM/HF ratio.

This option is recommended when you intend to make high-resolution textures, as the attributes map is the 'mask' for the texture map. Note however that you can generate high-res textures without using a high-res attributes map, but the edge definition at the interfaces between different land types wull be worse (i.e. blurry).

Split map into tiles (mosaic map)

The split map into tiles option allows you to split the attributes map into a tiled mosaic map. This can save you a lot of RAM when using large maps, and particularly so when the make high-res attributes map option is enabled.

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