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Making a design map for a fractal / perlin / imported heightfield

It may be useful in some instances to create a design map for a heightfield that was generated via the perlin or fractal algorithms, or otherwise imported from a file. With a design map, you may do such things as specifying the locations of lakes, or paint different climate distributions using the design map brush.

To generate a design map for a heightfield, select the 'Operations→Design map→Generate from HF…' option from the menu. This option will open the design map size wizard, where you'll first have to choose the resolution of your design map:


The different choices are explained in the documentation for the design map size wizard pane, but the short version is: use the 64x option.

Once your are done with the design map resolution, click on the 'Next »' button. At this point you may be asked to confirm permission for your heightfield to be resized if the current heightfield size is not a multiple of your chosen design map resolution (e.g. 64x):


Once you're through the design map size wizard, you will proceed to the design map parameters wizard (below), where you can set some of the 'high level' parameters used to generate your design map.


Because the heightfield already exists, you cannot modify the average altitude, altitude range, or feature scale.

For an quick guide to what the other parameters do, please consult these pages:

After setting your design map parameters, click OK in this wizard to start L3DT generating your design map.

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