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   * [[l3dt:userguide:ops:hf:genmap|Generating the heightfield]]   * [[l3dt:userguide:ops:hf:genmap|Generating the heightfield]]
-  * [[l3dt:userguide:ops:hf:preview|Generating a preview of a selected area of the heightfield]]+  * [[l3dt:userguide:ops:hf:preview|Generating a preview of the heightfield]]
   * [[bundywiki>plugins:sapphire:userguide:hf_edit|Editing the heightfield in 3D]]   * [[bundywiki>plugins:sapphire:userguide:hf_edit|Editing the heightfield in 3D]]
   * [[l3dt:userguide:ops:hf:resize|Resizing the heightfield]]   * [[l3dt:userguide:ops:hf:resize|Resizing the heightfield]]
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   * [[l3dt:userguide:ops:hf:smooth|Smoothing the heightfield]]   * [[l3dt:userguide:ops:hf:smooth|Smoothing the heightfield]]
   * [[bundywiki>plugins:calc:atEdgeBlender#using_atedgeblender|Edge blending]]   * [[bundywiki>plugins:calc:atEdgeBlender#using_atedgeblender|Edge blending]]
 +  * [[bundywiki>plugins:calc:atEdgeLeveller#using_atedgeleveller|Edge levelling]]
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