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Generating a preview of the heightfield

L3DT allows you to generate a preview of the heightfield. The preview can be at lower, equal or higher resolution than the full heightmap, and can be of either the whole heightfield or a sub-region thereof.

To generate a preview of a sub-region, first use the select area tool on the design map to select the area to be previewed, as shown below. If you are generating a preview of the whole heightfield, please skip this step.

Selecting an area of the design map

Then, select the 'Operations→Heightfield→Preview area from DM' menu option. This will open the Select HF/DM ratio window, which allows you to generate the heightfield preview at lower resolution (faster), higher resolution (more detailed), or the same resolution as the regular heightfield.

Selecting the heightfield resolution.

The option selected by default is the current resolution of the heightfield, as was set in the design map size wizard when the project was created.

  • If you select a smaller value, the preview will generate more quickly, but will be less detailed.
  • If you select a greater value, the preview will generate more slowly, but will be more detailed.

When you click OK, L3DT will proceed to generate the heightfield preview, which will overwrite the heightfield in the project if present.

The heightfield preview of the area selected in the design map above.

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