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Water map operations

Flooding the water map

To flood the water map, select the 'Operations→Water map→Flood wizard…' menu option. This wil open the water flooding wizard, shown below:

The controls are as follows:

  • Clear existing WM will delete any existing water map prior to flooding.
  • Flood water plane will flood a uniform 'plane' of water at the set water level, with a water type of either sea or lakes.
  • Auto-flood seas will flood seas wherever any 'sea seed' flags are found in the design map.
  • Auto-flood lakes will flood lakes wherever any 'lakes' flags are found in the design map.
  • Flood water-table will activate the water-table modelling wizard pane, which will allow you to flood the water table.

To see a typical water map, go here.

Auto-flooding sea

L3DT will automatically flood seas wherever the design map has a 'sea seed' special land type. This may be done either by using the auto flood sea option in the water-flooding wizard, or by using the 'Operations→Water map→Auto flood sea' option in the menu.

You can also flood seas manually.

Auto-flooding lakes

Similar to auto-flooding sea, L3DT can automatically flood lakes wherever the design map has a non-zero 'lakes' parameter. This may be done either by using the auto flood lakes option in the water-flooding wizard, or by using the 'Operations→Water map→Auto flood lakes' option in the menu.

If you are unhappy with the lakes you may delete individual lakes using the 'delete water body' mouse mode, or clear the whole lot by selecting the 'File→Close→Water map' menu option.

For the 'Auto-flood lakes' option to have any effect, you must set the 'lakes' parameter in the design map parameters wizard to a non-zero number, and/or edit the design map to add non-zero values for the lake field.

You can also flood lakes manually.

Flooding the water-table

The subterranean water table is required for assigning the land types in the attributes map (see the algorithms page for details). The water table is calculated via the water table modelling wizard, shown below. This window is opened by enabling the calculate water-table option in the water flooding wizard, or by selecting the 'Operations→Water map→Flood water-table' option from the menu.

This window exposes the base-level modelling parameters of the water map calculation, which are described - poorly - on the algorithms page. The default parameters were entirely arbitrary (the old 'what looks right' factor), so if you want to change the settings please feel free.

You can change the water map display settings to show or hide the water table, salinity, heightfield contours, etc.

Flooding water manually

Please refer to the water flooding tool page.

Deleting water bodies

Please refer to the delete water body tool page.

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