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 +====== Scripting in L3DT ======
 +Scripts in L3DT allow the user to customise the behaviour of the application. For example, scripts may be used to perform a sequence of calculations that are not supported by L3DT's normal user interface. For simple tasks, writing scripts is significantly easier and quicker than developing plugins, as script writing does not require specialist programming experience nor the use of compilers or other software. 
 +===== Scripting user-interface =====
 +  * [[l3dt:userguide:scripts:menu|The script menu]]
 +  * [[l3dt:userguide:scripts:manager|The script manager]]
 +  * [[l3dt:userguide:scripts:editor|The script editor]]
 +  * [[l3dt:userguide:scripts:commandline|Running scripts from the command-line]]
 +===== Supported scripting languages =====
 +  * ZeoScript --- see [[bundywiki>plugins:general:ZeoScript|ZeoScript]] plugin (installed by default).
 +  * Python  --- see [[bundywiki>plugins:general:cdPython|cdPython]] plugin.
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