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Throttle CPU

The worker threads in L3DT have a priority of below-normal, which means that L3DT will always yield the CPU(s) to any 'normal' processes running on your PC. However, L3DT will claim all CPU cycles unused by these other processes, resulting in 100% CPU utilisation during calculations. If you do no want your CPU(s) to run at 100% for extended periods of time, you can throttle it back by using the Throttle CPU usage window, shown below. This window is opened by selecting 'Utilities→Throttle CPU…' in the menu.



  • L3DT will try to throttle-down calculations so that the total CPU utilisation matches the figure you have set. Thus, if you set the desired CPU usage to 50% and some other processes is already taking 60%, L3DT's calculation threads will sleep until the other process calms down or the set-point is increased.
  • Not all calculations can be throttled.
  • The dynamic range of the throttle is limited, so some calculations may not throttle up/down as far as you would like.
  • L3DT uses the CPerfMon class by Mike Ryan to monitor the system performance (search for class).
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