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Initialise an set data in an extended header block (hfzExtHeaderBlock struct).

Function prototype

long hfzExtHeaderBlock_Init(hfzExtHeaderBlock* pBlock, const char* lpBlockType, const char* lpBlockName, unsigned long BlockDataLength, void* pBlockData);


Name Type Comment
pBlock hfzExtHeaderBlock* A handle to the extended header block to be initialised.
lpBlockType const char* A handle to a C-style string containing the block type (“bin”, “txt” or “xml” are currently supported). Type length must not exceed 3 characters.
lpBlockName const char* A handle to a C-style string containing the block name. Please refer to this page for a list of recognised block names. Name length must not exceed 15 characters.
BlockDataLength unsigned long The length of the data section of the extended header, in bytes.
pBlockData void* A handle to the data to be written in the extended header block.

Return value

LIBHFZ_STATUS_OK if the operation completed successfully, and otherwise an error code. Use hfzGetErrorStr to retrieve the error description.


Developers are recommended to use the hfzExtHeaderBlock_InitEx function instead, as it contains some additional safety checks.

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