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Write a map data tile to an open HF2/HFZ file.

Function prototype

long hfzWriteTile(hfzFile* fs, hfzHeader& fh, long TileX, long TileY, float* pMapData);


Name Type Description
fs hfzFile* A handle to an open hfzFile struct (see hfzOpen).
fh hfzHeader& The hfzHeader struct for the file.
TileX long The x-coordinate of the map tile.
TileY long The y-coordinate of the map tile.
pMapData float* A handle to the user-supplied map array (see comments).

Return value

LIBHFZ_STATUS_OK if the tile was written successfully, and otherwise an error code. Use hfzGetErrorStr to retrieve the error description.


Tile order

Please refer to the HF2 file specification for the required tile order.

Regarding pMapData

Please refer to hfzLoad comments for information regarding the correct initialisation of pMapData.

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