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This function has been removed from the core API, and is now available via the 'calc.AM.GetPixelColour' zeofunc.


Get the display colour of a pixel value in an attributes map.

Function prototype

COLORREF CExtAPI::calc_AM_GetPixelColour(AttributesPixel AMpxl);


Name Type Comment
AMpxl AttributesPixel A pixel value from an attributes map, the display colour of which is to be determined.

Return value

A Windows COLORREF structure containing the colour of the land type. A value of magenta {R,G,B} = {255, 0, 255} is returned in the case of an error, as this colour is too putrid to use for any other purpose. When you see magenta, you know something is wrong!


This function is used when displaying the attributes maps on the screen, or when saving it to disk in colour-mapped mode.

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