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Run a script string.

Supported script languages currently include Python (via cdPython plugin) and ZeoScript (via ZeoScript plugin).

Function prototype

bool CExtAPI::script_Execute(const char* lpLangName, const char* lpScript, ZVAR hRval);


Name Type Comment
lpLangName const char* A handle to a C-style string identifying the script language. Accepted values are “py” for Python, and “zs” for ZeoScript.
lpScript const char* A handle to a C-style string containing the script string to be run.
hRval ZVAR A variable handle to receive the return value of the script.

Return value

False if an error occurred, and true otherwise.


Running a ZeoScript

The following example runs a ZeoScript to open a “save file as…” dialog (using the 'file.SaveDlg' extension function), and stores the return value in the FileName string variable:

CzStr FileName; 
theAPI.script_Execute("zs", "file.SaveDlg bmp NULL \"Bitmap image (*.bmp)|*.bmp|\"", (ZVAR)FileName);


Script return values

At the time of writing1), only the ZeoScript plugins supports the setting of the hRval return value.

1) 2007/04/16 21:05
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