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Retrieve the raw data pointer for a mosaic tile.

Function prototype

void* CExtAPI::tile_GetDataPtr(void* hTile);


Name Type Comment
hTile void* A handle to a mosaic tile.

Return value

A null pointer if:

  • The tile handle is invalid.
  • The tile has not been locked for use via tile_SetLock (this is automatic when loading/saving tiles).

A valid non-null pointer otherwise.


Pixel ordering

Pixels are ordered in rows going east-to-west, with rows ordered south to north. To convert from x/y coordinate to memory offset, use the following formula:

long offset = (x + TileSize * y) * PixelMemSize;

…where PixelMemSize is the size in memory of one pixel (see map_GetPixelSize).

To convert from memory offsets to pixel coordinates, use the following formulae:

long x = (offset/PixelMemSize)%TileSize;
long y = (offset/PixelMemSize)/TileSize;

Use map_GetPixel/map_SetPixel where possible

It is recommended that, wherever possible, the tile_GetPixel/tile_SetPixel functions are used for accessing tile data, instead of direct memory access with tile_GetDataPtr. Those functions include coordinate checking and memory protection, as well has handling mip-mapping and mosaic tile cache loading/saving and automatically.

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