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Create an instance of a file format handler for a particular map type. This function, or zformat_Create, must be called at least once by a file input/output plugin to register a file format before it can be used to save or load map files.


Declaration Zeolite.h
Implementation Zeolite.cpp

Function prototype

ZFORMAT zformat_CreateGeneric(long MapTypeID, const char* lpLongName, const char* lpFileExt, const char* lpNativeProgramName);


Name Type Comment
MapTypeID long An integer containing the map type identifier that can be saved/loaded by this format.
lpLongName const char* A pointer to a C-style string, containing the full display name of the format (e.g. “L3DT Design map File”).
lpFileExt const char* A pointer to a C-style string, containing the file extension (e.g. “dmf”).
lpFileExt const char* A pointer to a C-style string, containing the name of the program to which this format is considered native (e.g. “L3DT”).

Return value

Null if an error occurred or the format already existed, and otherwise a valid ZFORMAT handle.


Comparison with zformat_Create

The difference between this function and zformat_Create is perhaps best explained by examples of the usage of the ZFORMATs created by these functions:

  • When saving some generic colour map, such as a screen capture, L3DT will use the ZFORMAT created by zformat_CreateGeneric for the MAP_RGB type.
  • When saving the map project's light map and texture map, L3DT will use the ZFORMAT created for those maps using zformat_Create.

Even though the texture and light maps are actually of type MAP_RGB, they have their own format settings (created by zformat_Create) so that the user can set specific formation options for them.

Alpha map formats

The Alpha map export from L3DT uses the lists of formats created for the MAP_BYTE, MAP_RGB, and MAP_RGBA types. MAP_BYTE is used for one layer/image, MAP_RGB for three, and MAP_RGBA for four.

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