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Large 3D terrain generator



Generate the multi-resolution mipmaps for a given map. These mipmaps are smaller, sub-sampled versions used in level-of-detail algorithms such as texture rendering in Sapphire.


Declaration Zeolite.h
Implementation Zeolite.cpp

Function prototype

bool zmap_GenMipMaps(ZMAP hMap, long ResStep, long MaxLevel, long TileSize);


Name Type Comment
hMap ZMAP A handle to the map variable for which mipmaps shall be generated.
ResStep long The resolution step factor between successive mipmaps. Must be greater than 1.
MaxLevel long The maximum mipmap level to ge generated. Must be equal to or greater than ResStep.
TileSize long The tile size of the mosaics used to store the mipmaps. 512 is default.

Return value

True if the operation succeeded, and false otherwise.



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