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Initialise a map as a tiled mosaic.


Declaration Zeolite.h
Implementation Zeolite.cpp

Function prototype

bool zmap_InitMosaic(ZMAP hMap, 
                long nx, 
                long ny, 
                long MapTypeID, 
                float HorizScale, 
                bool WrapFlag, 
                const char* lpMosaicFileName, 
                long TileSize, 
                ZFORMAT hFormat, 
                const char* lpProjMapName);


Name Type Comment
hMap ZMAP A ZMAP handle to the map variable that is to be initialised as a mosaic.
nx long The width of the map, in pixels.
ny long The height of the map, in pixels.
MapTypeID long The map type ID of the desired map type.
HorizScale float The pixel-spacing of the map, in metres.
WrapFlag bool A flag that states whether the east/west and north/south edges of the map 'wrap around' to give an infinitely tilable map.
lpMosaicFileName const char* A handle to a C-style string that contains the full path-name of the mosaic master file to be used by this map.
TileSize long The width and height of the tiles in the map.
hFormat ZFORMAT A ZFORMAT handle to the format variable to be used to load/save the mosaic.
lpProjMapName const char* A handle to a C-style string that contains the name of the map in the project (usually null). Please refer to project_GetMap for valid map names.

Return value

False if an error occurred, and true otherwise.



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