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Changes the name of a variable.


Declaration Zeolite.h
Implementation Zeolite.cpp

Function prototype

bool zvar_Rename(ZVAR hVar, const char* lpNewName);


Name Type Comment
hVar ZVAR A ZVAR handle to the variable to be renamed.
lpNewName const char* A pointer to a C-style string containing the new name of the variable.

Return value

False if:

  • The hVar argument is NULL.
  • The variable is in a list, and the given lpNewName is already in use by another item in that list.
  • The given lpNewName contains an illegal character, and particularly, the '.' (dot) character, which is used as the nested member delimiter.
  • Any other unspecified error occurred (consult L3DT event log in such cases.)

True otherwise.


Be nice!

This function allows you to rename any variable in the shared memory (e.g. those created by zvar_CreateShared), including those created by other plugins. Furthermore, you can re-name important stuff like L3DT's project maps or file formats, which will only result in pain and suffering for all. Hence, plugins should only call zvar_Rename on variables they have created, and only then in moderation.

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