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 +====== ZSTR ======
 +===== Description =====
 +''ZSTR'' is a handle to Zeolite variables with a [[zeolite:varID|variable type]] of ''VarID_string''. 
 +This data handle is widely throughout the range of [[zeolite:functions|API functions]], and may be wrapped by the [[zeolite:classes:CzStr]] class.
 +You may safely cast between ''ZSTR'' and ''ZVAR''. Casting does not change the variable type referenced by the handle.
 +===== Definition =====
 +//In Zeolite_defines.h: //
 +typedef ZVAR ZSTR;
 +===== Type identifiers =====
 +^ [[zeolite:VarID]] | VarID_string |
 +^ [[zeolite:MapID]] | N/A (ZSTR is not a valid map type.) |
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