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May 10

Finalisation wizard

Hi Everyone,

If you're making large maps in L3DT, the calculations can run for a long time (for example, this took 10 days). Since these calculations are usually running unattended and finish when no-one is around / awake, I thought it might be nice to have a way to automatically save the map project when it's finished, and put the system to sleep. Behold, the latest build of L3DT Pro (16.05 build 2, on the Pro downloads page now) includes the Finalisation wizard:

This wizard, which is enabled by checking the 'Finalisation' checkbox in the Calculation queue wizard, allows you to run any number or combination of custom actions after the map calculations finish, including:

  • Saving the project
  • Running a script or graph
  • Playing a sound
  • Putting the system to sleep

More actions may be added in the future, depending on users' requests.

The user guide for the finalisation wizard is available here, and may also be accessed by clicking on the 'On-line help' link in the wizard itself.

If you have any suggestions or find any problems, please feel free to contact me at aaron@bundysoft.com.

Best regards, Aaron.

2016/05/10 04:29 · aaron
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