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Importing Mars Terrain

Hi Everyone,

Following a user's recent request, I have added a plugin to import terrain from the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) mission. The plugin is called L3DTio_MOLA, and is available here. To use the plugin:

  1. Download the MOLA '.LBL' and '.IMG' files from NASA / Wash. U..
  2. Select the 'File→Import→Import MOLA terrain' menu option (note: option will not appear if plugin is not installed).
  3. Select the MOLA LBL file. The plugin will automatically load the associated IMG file.

Further notes on downloading and using MOLA data are provided on the L3DTio_MOLA plugin page.

The results should look something like this:

MOLA terrain, 2D view.

MOLA terrain, 3D view.

Cheerio, Aaron.

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