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News for February 2014

February 28

L3DT 14.02 beta 3 is available!

Hi Everyone,

The third (and one sincerely hopes, final) beta-release of the forthcoming L3DT 14.0X release is now available for download, in both Standard and Professional editions. This update fixes a bug in the fancy mosaic memory cache manager that was causing out of memory events for very large maps (see bug report.)

This version also adds a brute-force tessellator to the 3D renderer so that the terrain is drawn at full resolution in the area near to the tool brush when editing the heightfield. This addition should give users better control and feedback when editing the heightmap:

Brute force tessellation in Sapphire.
Brute force tessellation in Sapphire.

If you have the time, I would be most grateful if you could give the new beta release a try. Users of L3DT Standard can download the beta release from the downloads page. Users of L3DT Professional should follow the link in their sales / registration receipt, or if that can't be found, send me an e-mail at sales@bundysoft.com. Users of L3DT for Torque should contact sales@bundysoft.com to gain access to the beta release.

Best regards, Aaron.

2014/02/28 11:43 · aaron
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