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Counting error messages in L3DT


In case you were wondering, there are something like 7587 different checks in L3DT that will detect error cases and throw messages to the event log window. There is a further 9351 error checks in all the plugins, and 407 in scripts, giving a grand total of 17339 different error messages I've written for L3DT.

[Actually, the real number is a little higher, as I've ignored messages that bypass the event log and go either straight to modal message box, or get quietly written in the log file. You get the idea, though.]

In related news, I worked out how to write a script using ZeoScript that recursively searches a directory for files of given types, and then counts the instances of a given string in those files. Easy to do in bash, not quite so easy in ZeoScript, but not impossible.

Cheerio, Aaron.

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