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L3DT v11.11 release announcement

Date: 30th of November 2011

L3DT release 11.11 is available

Hi All,

L3DT release 11.11 is now available for download in all three flavours (Standard, Professional, and Pro for Torque.) Please read on for a description of the changes.

Speed, glorious speed!

This release includes some massive performance optimisations, which increases the speed of some calculations by as much as 4 times. These optimisations include multi-threading of the attributes map calculation, improved RAM usage, and optimisation of the colour map interpolation routines. The nature of these optimisations were described in September, so I shan't bore you with reiteration.

Bug fixes

A number of bugs were fixed in this release, including:

  • Problems with the main map display seen on some Windows 7 systems has been fixed by disabling halftone blending by default.
  • Texture seams in tiled mesh files have been fixed.
  • The geometry in un-tiled mesh files is now fully optimised at edges, regardless of map size.
  • The installer was updated to fix those annoying 'This installer did not complete properly' error messages in Windows Vista and 7.

Other bug fixes and changes are listed in the change log.

How to download

As with all L3DT updates, this is a free update for all users of L3DT Standard Edition, as well as all users of L3DT Professional and L3DT Pro for Torque who have purchased a license within the past 18 months. If the 18 month 'free update' period for your license has expired (see the 'Help→About' box), you will need to renew your license to be able to use this update (contact sales@bundysoft.com to discuss discounts).

To download the update, please follow the instructions below:

L3DT Standard See downloads page.
L3DT Professional Please consult your sales/registration receipt e-mail for the URL.
L3DT for Torque Please see your 'my products' page at GarageGames.


Please let me know what you think of the new release. Comments, requests and bug reports are all welcome, as well as suggestions for the next release. Please feel free to make use of this forum thread.

End transmission

Best regards, Aaron.

2011/11/30 12:37 · aaron
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