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L3DT v2.2c release announcement

Date: 26th of January 2005

Release 2.2c

What's new?

L3DT The changes include bug-fixes, user-interface improvements, and some modifications to the heightfield generation routine (particularly erosion). See the release history page for details.

L3DTVi2 Stuart Gooding has added a vertex shader program for L3DTVi2 that blends the detail-map at two spatial resolutions, giving improved close-ups (see screenshots below). Also, in response to some user-feedback the camera controls have been revised and the 'Cg.dll' dependency has been removed.

www.bundysoft.com_l3dt_gallery_r22_revc_high_detail.jpg www.bundysoft.com_l3dt_gallery_r22_revc_high_detail2.jpg
Pretty foreground in L3DTVi2 thanks to detail map.

The source code for L3DTVi2 is available on the downloads page.

What's next? This release effectively clears-the-decks of all the small jobs over which I had been procrastinating. The next release will focus on the big job over which I had been procrastinating; namely the full mosaic-map re-implementation.

Website news The tutorial and algorithms pages have been updated to reflect the current version. The addresses of these pages have been changed in some cases, and consequently deep-links from external sites will be broken (sorry to those affected).

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