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L3DT v2.3 release announcement

Date: 28th of June 2005

Release 2.3! Hooray!

It is done! The installer for L3DT 2.3 is available on the downloads page. Please note that L3DT now includes an end-users licence agreement. It's still free to use, but rights are reserved and liabilities disclaimed (the usual formalities).

The full list of changes may be found on the release history page. Some highlights include:

User interface

  • Most of the old control dialogs have been replaced by new 'wizard' interfaces. You'll know them when you see them.
  • I've polished a lot of the display management code, so the whole thing should feel a bit more tidy. The same goes for the progress bar too.

Mosaic maps

File I/O

  • The water map can now be exported to a range of different binary terrain files (see list).
  • I've replaced the dreadful old 'file preferences' dialog with a much improved tree-based version, which should be a lot easier for everyone to use.
  • The file formats for the map group file (*.mgf) and the map definition file (*.def) have been substantially altered. Most of the settings previously in the MGF have been moved into the DEF. The latter is now a C-like script file that is used for both normal loading and saving of the group, as well as for generating batches of maps. Old map group files can still be loaded by L3DT 2.3, but old DEF files cannot.

L3DT Users' Group

There is now an official L3DT users' group, hosted by Yahoo Groups. You can subscribe directly to the mailing-list using this cute chunk of code provided by Yahoo:

Subscribe to L3DT users' group
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Website stuff

The layout of the site has changed a little. I have revamped the tutorial, and added a new User support page. I've also re-done the 'getting started' guide to better help new users[Edit: No longer available]. The FAQ has also been updated.

This site still looks a little shoddy in Internet Explorer. If you see the code '⇒' around here, it is because some versions of IE don't recognise it as meaning '⇒'. (psst… get firefox)

What's next?

I'm planning a release 2.3a in a few months to introduce better texture splatting support, user presets for algorithms, some long-overdue user requests, and a few other niceties. Fixes for any bugs will also be included in L3DT 2.3a.

I also have to revise the off-line version of the tutorial. It's hopelessly out of date.

However, my first order of business is to sleep. G'nite.

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