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L3DT v2.3a release announcement

Date: 16th of July 2005

Release 2.3a

Release 2.3a is patches the known faults introduced with release 2.3 (see release history). In particular, there were a few bugs in the new 'wizard' dialog system and some of the underlying 'glue-code' scripts. These have been fixed.


I've also included a new presets bar at the bottom of some wizard dialogs. This allows you to store and recall your favourite combinations of settings for particular algorithms, and also change the default settings.


L3DTVi2 has been updated to support recent ATI graphics cards.


The installer has been re-written using NSIS. Aside from being less buggy, this installer also (optionally) installs L3DTVi2 and the off-line tutorial docs.

What's next?

L3DT 2.3b is planned to include texture splatting and anti-aliased shadows (see dev plan). I intend to hold back on the release until at least October, so I may have time to indulge in some feature-creep.


I'd like to give a big cheerio to the members of the still-shiny-and-new L3DT users' group, who reported and helped diagnose many of the bugs now fixed in this release. Their perseverance and patience was great, and was greatly appreciated.

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