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L3DT v2.3 beta release announcement

Date: 17th of March 2005

L3DT 2.3 pre-release available

Hurrah! The last of the serious mosaic errors have been fixed. To celebrate, I've uploaded a beta-version of L3DT 2.3, the full version of which will follow in a week or two.

The main change from 2.2 to 2.3 is the re-implementation of heightfield mosaic maps, which were last seen in L3DT 2.1 (Nov 2003). As a result of this, you can now generate heightfields up to 32k × 32k pixels in size. This version also includes various bug-fixes, optimisations, and user-interface goodies. Also, users of VTP Enviro may be interested in the new 'Export to Enviro' option.

L3DTVi2 is incompatible with this beta-version. This is because I've slightly changed the mosaic file structure. An updated L3DTVi2 will arrive with the full release of L3DT 2.3. Aside from fixing L3DTVi2, the to-do list includes a few minor jobs plus some rigorous testing.

Feedback is most welcome at this stage.

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