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L3DT v2.5a release announcement

Date: 8th of June 2007

Release 2.5a is ready!

Hello all,

On the downloads page you will now find L3DT release 2.5a. This update includes a number of improvements, such as multi-core support, anti-aliased texture blending, an updated 3D renderer, better debugging features, and an assortment of bugfixes. Additionally, TGEA users may be interested in the updated L3DT_Atlas plugin, which fixes the crashing bug that was affecting some users (kudos to Ben for the fix!). This updated plugin is also available from the Pro downloads page.

The full change log is over here.

Best regards,

The upload of L3DT for Torque to the GarageGames site is still in progress!

2011/01/13 07:34

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