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Competition for August 2006

Theme: To be announced

Closing date: Midnight on September the 1st, 2006 (GMT).

Judge: Popular vote


Terrain/texture Either the terrain or texture must be generated by L3DT.
Renderer You may use any renderer you like.
Post-processing Any and all post-processing is allowed.
Image size The image size must be no greater than 1024×768, or 300kb.
Multiple entries You may submit up to three entries.

Special instructions from dEaThMaStEr:

Basically, the bigger the better. IF you make a full, feature-packed, vast terrain, that'd be very favorable. Also, dynamics in the texture. More diversity in your land types, such as snow caps, rocky cliffs, grassy bottoms, etc. is also good. And bonus points for special features such as lakes, snow/rain, etc.

As usual, entries should be uploaded to the this month's entries album in the users' gallery.


Icelandia Mountain Range, by DeathTwister

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