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Sample desert climate

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Sample desert climate

Postby Forboding Angel » Thu Mar 15, 2007 4:11 am

Made using default l3dt textures. Maybe this will help some newer terrain makers.

Sample Desert Climate-Created by Forboding Angel

Sample Texture map: http://spring.unknown-files.net/file/25 ... esert.sd7/

This climate is ONLY for use with l3dt 2.5+. To import, extract to your resources/climates directory, then open l3dt, go to the climate manager, Load New.

It is fully functional, and looks kick ass right out of the box. Use this as a template for your own climates. If you look around in the climate manager, it's pretty easy to understand. I suggest you not change the bump map settings (weights/totals) until you are completely comfortable with making your own climates.


Oh Fark

I forgot to mention that a .sd7 files is jsut a 7zip file renamed.
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Postby Aaron » Thu Mar 22, 2007 5:25 am

Hi Forboding,

That's awesome work. It certainly appears to me that the supplied climates are not well optimised for Spring. Clearly, you don't need/want any of the water/salinity stuff (the water-plane is fixed, yes?), and bump-mapping needs to be much stronger to look dramatic in the game environment, where the texture res is fixed at 8x. The default climates are more set up for an 'average' renderer, which may or may not support high-res textures, and which may or may not support water at different levels.

Anyway, to my question: Would you be happy for this climate to be included with the (possible) L3DT for Spring installer?

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Postby piratelord » Thu Mar 22, 2007 6:19 pm

Sorry to Hijack, but I've not forgotten I was going to send you the climate file I've been using.
Just been having to to some tweaks and texture improvements, and a recent new region required snow so I had to expand from that.
example pic: http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r75/ ... diann3.jpg

Currently switched to 1x texture because in atlas at 2x there was no real improvement, and 1x actually looked better in places. Saving a large amount of diskspace meant 1x was a much better solution to us.
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Postby Forboding Angel » Mon Jul 09, 2007 5:23 pm

Damnit, aaron I'm sorry, I suck at reading all these threads.

Yes by all means include it. I have 7ish(I think) more that I would like to send you as well.

Lets see the ones I can think of are...

Crystal world: http://spring.unknown-files.net/file/31 ... reams_v01/

Snow: http://spring.unknown-files.net/file/24 ... g-v01.sd7/

Green: http://spring.unknown-files.net/picture/2509/2/

DesertWorld (Original): http://spring.unknown-files.net/file/20 ... x-v02.sd7/

Mars: http://spring.unknown-files.net/picture/1505/0/

Moon: http://spring.unknown-files.net/picture/1825/2/

Desertworld2 (The sample one): http://spring.unknown-files.net/file/25 ... l-v02.sd7/

Desert Sahara: http://spring.unknown-files.net/file/17 ... Divide_v3/

Meh, Keep bugging me about these. I will get them to you one way or another.
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