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Scale of materials?

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Scale of materials?

Postby mip » Thu Apr 03, 2008 3:57 pm

I just started developing a new "urban" climate using textures like those used in flight simulators:

Now I wonder how to set the scale of these materials so that a feature (e.g. street, house or tree) is displayed with its correct size on the generated texture maps.
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Postby Aaron » Sat Apr 05, 2008 8:34 am

Hi Mip,

At the moment materials don't support this sort of automatic re-scaling, largely because it would make the texture calculation even slower. Thus, at present, you will need to manually rescale your texture image to ensure that the features are 'the right size' for your chosen horizontal scale and texture resolution.

For example, if I choose a horizontal scale of 1m and use a texture resolution of 4x, I know that each texture pixel will be 0.25m across. Hence, an aircraft runway that's 30m wide should have a width in the texture image of 120 pixels (30m / 0.25m/pixel = 120 pixels).

I'll have a thinker about adding auto-scaling to the dev plan for the next release. However, the chances are good that the results would look far worse than doing the rescaling yourself in Photoshop/GIMP/Paint.NET/etc before generating the texture.

Best regards,
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Postby mip » Tue Apr 08, 2008 11:25 pm

Thx, aaron. It's a bit confusing to scale textures manually for each resolution to be rendered, but your hints helped me to get some predictable results.
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